Instagram Live video is one if the most unique features of Instagram. It enables you to make real time videos that people can view live as it happens. Many people do not know that they can be able to save an Instagram live video. This tutorial will guide you to do just that. Save live videos you you with notable personalities of friends.

The Live video  features is a silent Instagram features and many people do not see it.  for it’s Users, So onec you learn how to do this  You can save a live video and upload this Saved Live Broadcast to other Apps: Facebook, Twitter and other social media for your friends to see.

How to Save Instagram Live Video

First update your Instagram App from your Google play Store/iTunes store to have the latest version of instagram running on your device. Then follow the simple procedures below.


  1. Launch the  Instagram App, and Go Live
  2. When you are done Live streaming or broadcasting (Instagram tells you how many people viewed it and you can also comment and see people’s comment). Tap on End.
  3. On the same Screen, an option to save the video will appear, simply Tap on the Save button at the top right of the screen.
  4. Now the Video will be Saved to your Phone.


Note: the Save button only appears, when you are the One broadcasting Live, You cannot Save other people’s Live Video broadcast after they are done. The live video is being recorded when it is Live, But When you End the Broadcast, that is when the Option: Save comes Up.

Hope this article was helpful to you, you can now be able to save instagram live video the next time you will go live. Please if you have questions, comments or contributions please use the comments box below to get in touch with us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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