Create Gmail Account Without Phone Number –

Gmail account can be created without a mobile phone number easily. Most times when you want to create new gmail account and the your mobile number has reached the limits of the accounts it can create, google will not allow you. This can make you to be stranded or go to register a new phone number.

Gmail is the most used email platform in the world with millions of user from every part of the globe. The online world do require for us to own more than one email account. Unlike other email platforms gmail usually require you to use your phone number to create gmail account.

There is a way to create gmail account without using your number for registration. But you need to know that when you create your gmail account with a phone number, its easier for you to reset your password and recover your account. Email recovery takes time before you can successfully recover your account.

So if you have made up your mind to ditch fast recovery and create an account, below are the steps to follow on how to create a Google email account without a phone number.

Create Google Account Without Phone Number

  1. Visit Google account sign up page.
  2. Fill the form by entering a few of the details required from you and click to proceed to the next
  3. Choose your username or make use of the random
    generated username by google.
  4. Proceed and skip the phone number verification
  5. Accept the terms and conditions to use Google email account.
  6. That is all you have now created your new Google email account without a phone number. Proceed to the account settings to add an alternative
    recovery image since you are skipping the phone number verification step. You are done.

How to Reset your Gmail Password

As stated earlier thats is more less easy to recover your gmail account if you created an account without mobile number. below you will get to see how to reset your gmail password when you forget it.

  1. Visit recover your Google account, follow the below steps accordingly to do so
  2. Visit the main login page for Google account.
  3. Then proceed by clicking the forgot password option, and this will take you to another page, here you will be required to provide your recovery phone number or email to receive a confirmation code.
  4. Login into your recovery email on another browser or phone and copy the OTP
  5. Enter the OTP and Proceed to set up a new password to regain access to your account.
  6. That is all on how to recover your Google email password when forgotten or your account is compromised.

You can increase the security of your gmail account you can do so by activating some certain security options in your account. And this will, in turn, protect your account from being compromised. This can be done by going to the google account security option. Hope you can now create gmail account without phone number and also protect your account.

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